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B2BC: the summit | NEVERBLAND®

They’ve only gone and bloody done it. Ryan and Alex successfully hiked to Everest Base Camp last month, all in the name of PHASE Worldwide. The boys trekked a mighty 135km over 14 days to reach Base Camp, facing altitude sickness, fatigue, and fitness challenges on the daily.

The hike itself is a massive achievement but, as Ryan said, let’s not forget the motive behind their mission. The money raised by the B2BC crew will be donated to women and children living in remote regions of Nepal as wel

Is AI coming for your job? | NEVERBLAND®

Artificial intelligence is everywhere. From shopping and socials to google maps, it’s clear that AI continues to seep into every facet of our digital lives. What’s really wild, I that most of the time we don’t notice it’s there. Most of the ‘useful functions’ of apps and websites that we love are powered by artificial intelligence.

As AI advances at pace, I think we’re all beginning to wonder if machines will eventually replace human workers. What was once a foreign concept stemming from scienc

Social media and sport: revolutionary or risky? | NEVERBLAND®

Sport has been fundamentally changed by technology over the years, but is every technological advancement good for the sporting world?

Social media is a core part of our modern lives. The average Joe spends around five hours every day consuming content from social media. But in a world where everyone can be a pundit with an online platform and considerable followings, how do professional athletes navigate the world of social media?

Platforms like Instagram and TikTok have revolutionised the wa

Vinny: the newest mood marketplace starts work with Neverbland | NEVERBLAND®

Vinny is a certified B Corp business dedicated to spotlighting mood-boosting and wellness gifts and products in their funky vending machines and new e-commerce site. We checked in with one of their founders, Matthew Kitchen, to learn more about their growing business.

Neverbland: Where did you get the idea for Vinny vending machines?

Matthew Kitchen, co-founder of Vinny: It was kind of a eureka moment, but also a typical frustrated founder's story in that Vinny was an answer to my own problem.

STOCKED: the solution to your food waste woes | NEVERBLAND®

STOCKED has put a twist on classic batch cooking techniques to deliver high-quality, fresh meals that are changing the convenience meal game. In these challenging economic times, could STOCKED be the product to satisfy your hunger for convenience and affordability without compromising on taste?

Neverbland met with Sam and Charlie, co-founders of STOCKED and life-long friends to hear more about their innovative business.

Neverbland: How did STOCKED get started?

Sam Moss, co-founder of STOCKE

Cutbox: the future of barbering | NEVERBLAND®

Cutbox combines the most cutting-edge technology with quality barbering and an affordable price point. We chat with co-founder Louis Angel Scott to catch up in the final days of their crowdfunding efforts and get the inside scoop on where Cutbox is heading.

Neverbland: So, what inspired you to start Cutbox?

Louis Angel Scott: We started out selling software to barbershops. We created a digital queuing system that just kind of came out as our experiences as barbershop customers. Your average ba

5 steps to create a killer content strategy | NEVERBLAND®

Creating a content marketing strategy is a crucial step in building and growing a successful business. Whether you're a small start-up or a large corporation, developing a content marketing strategy can help you achieve your goals. We know it can be daunting if you don’t know where to start, so we’re here to make things easier. Here are five simple ways to put together a content strategy to give your business an edge against your competitors.

The first step in creating a content marketing strat

Is AI coming for your design job? | NEVERBLAND®

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been revolutionising the way we work. From healthcare to finance, AI has been making significant strides in automating processes and improving overall efficiency. The web design industry is no exception to this trend.

UI and UX designers are responsible for creating designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. They spend hours researching, designing, and testing their creations to ensure that they meet the needs of the target audience. Recent

Neverbland named as one of the global top 1000 B2B companies | NEVERBLAND®

Here at Neverbland, we’ve partnered with some of the most brilliant startups and admirable industry titans to create innovative digital products. These incredible opportunities were only made possible by the tremendous support our clients have given us over the years.

Today is an extremely proud moment for us because we’re celebrating some fantastic recognition to cap off our year. During the esteemed Clutch Leader Award, Neverbland was officially announced as one of the global top 1000 leading

Neverbland dev team sign up for Everest Basecamp | NEVERBLAND®

Bristol to Base Camp (BTBC) is a campaign organised by the Bristol-based Charity PHASE Worldwide, and two of our team are embarking on this amazing journey for this unique cause.

PHASE, which stands for Practical Help Achieving Self-Empowerment, was founded in 2005. They have raised millions of pounds in aid of women and children in remote Nepalese regions, empowering them with the knowledge and skills to unlock a better quality of life.

The Bristol to Base Camp campaign does exactly what it s

Bristol to Base Camp: the countdown continues | NEVERBLAND®

As we eagerly await the kick-off of the highly anticipated PHASE Base Camp expedition, Ryan and Alex have been keeping themselves rather busy. Here’s what the boys have been up to recently.

Last week saw Ryan and Alex meet the rest of their expedition crew and take on a weekend adventure. The boys braved the elements to hike the magnificent Pen y Fan alongside their six teammates. This Welsh wonder of the Britsh Isles is the highest peak in south Wales, standing at a mighty 2900ft. This mini-hi

Our 2022 B-corp Impact Report | NEVERBLAND®

Making a difference has always been at the heart of why we do what we do at Neverbland, which is why we’re so committed to our B-Corp status.

"We won’t stop until all business is a force for good". B-Lab

For those of you who don’t know, B-Lab is a nonprofit network aiming to transform the global economy to benefit all people, communities and the planet. Companies that meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance can become certified by B-Lab and can become part of B-Corp.

Being BCorp: building websites that don’t cost the Earth | NEVERBLAND®

Greenhouse emissions. You’ve heard of them. You know that we need to reduce them to save our planet. But did you know that the internet is responsible for a good chunk of our daily greenhouse gas emissions? Here’s how Neverbland builds websites with the planet in mind.

Before working at Neverbland I had no idea that websites and internet usage contributes to emissions. I used to think of the internet as this great, invisible force that flows freely around us, not as a force creating carbon emis

B2BC: Base Camp bound | NEVERBLAND®

Two of our team are embarking on a very special adventure this week. Ryan Gledhill and Alex Chiu have been raising money to fund their expedition the Everest as part of PHASE Worldwide’s Bristol to Base Camp expedition.

This trip is more than a life-changing hike as the money raised by the B2BC crew will be donated to women and children living in remote regions of Nepal as well as funding their trip up Everest. PHASE empowers women in Nepal with the tools to provide for their families in challe

My first year in tech | NEVERBLAND®

Last week, I was curled up on the sofa one evening, when my phone began to vibrate vigorously. Buzz. Buzz. And buzz again. Odd, I thought.

I turned my phone over and examined the screen, expecting a stream of ranting texts from a friend or perhaps a sequence of spam emails. My face was illuminated by equal parts LED and horror as the notification glared back at me:

Oh, God. A whole year has passed since I started working at Neverbland. A year of my life blinked past me in an instant. A whole y

What can we do about gender bias in the tech industry? | NEVERBLAND®

Despite several initiatives set up to boost female participation in fields like coding and computer science, only 26% of the tech workforce is made up of women. That's right, a five-trillion-dollar industry that continues to be made up of predominantly men.

But things are changing. Our industry is more actively seeking female employees than ever before, as demonstrated by the recent partnerships formed between huge companies and organisations like Code First Girls. It’s a great first step, but

The Great British Shake-off | NEVERBLAND®

After building a website for our friends at Moth our eyes were opened to the possibilities of canned cocktails, but is the canned version better than the DIY? We did a very official experiment to put them to the test.

Moth, standing for ‘mix of total happiness’, is a brand of canned cocktails that packs premium mixology into a portable can at an affordable price. Canned cocktails are so in right now, and Moth has created an elevated product to take your at-home cocktail experience to another le
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